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Who We Are

Scotia Bots envisions a future where businesses of all sizes and industries can harness the power of A.I. technology
to streamline processes, elevate customer interactions, and achieve sustainable growth.

Our Mission Is Crystal Clear

Empower organizations with cutting-edge AI-powered automation and custom solutions.

Our squad consists of AI experts, tech whizzes, and industry gurus – a powerhouse team for customized business solutions.

We are redefining how businesses operate in this new AI-powered digital age.

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What You'll Get

Increased Efficiency

Chatbots automate all the small time-consuming tasks you need to do when a customer calls. Our chatbots ask your new customers all the right questions so when you open your CRM, everything you need to know to help them will there - and you didn't need to take notes!

Advanced Analytics

Your business can't improve or grow bigger if you can't measure results. Our advanced CRM will give you insights into client trends and behaviors. You will be able to make informed, data-driven business decisions from the detailed reporting and analytics

Guidance & Support

Included is our expert guidance and ongoing support to make sure you get the most from our AI services. We make sure the chatbots work in harmony with your business creating a smooth operation from the time a client reaches out until you close another deal..

How Our Virtual AI Systems Help You Rise Above Your Competition

We Call Our Digital Assistant "Lucy", But You Can Call Yours Anything You Like.

Lead Gen & Qualifier System

Lucy is great for automating information gathering and engaging with new clients that come from your website and social profiles. Your AI assistant will qualify your clients' wants and needs and add all that information into one spot - your dedicated CRM

Customer Service System

We have set Lucy up with all the common questions that your customers might ask, and she will guide them through processes to give them personalized service. Your clients will think they are speaking to one of your staff.

Appointment Setting System

After your chatbot gathers all the details it needs from its chat with each customer, they will be guided to make an appointment that suits everyone's schedule. No more juggling appointment books in your car or while on another appointment.

Sales & Conversions System

We train your chatbot on your business so it can give information specific to your products. It will answer any concerns while guiding your customers into your sales funnel. Clients get personalized recommendations and secure online transactions.


(Many More To Come)

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Real AI Leads is super easy. Simply reach out to our team through our website buttons. We'll be happy to discuss your business requirements, provide a tailored solution, and guide you through the implementation process. It's easy peasy!

What Does This Cost?

Not as much as you would think. Based on your business's unique needs and requirements, we provide adaptable pricing plans and personalized solutions to maximize your return on investment. For comprehensive information about our pricing, including the different packages and options available, please contact us. We will collaborate with you to understand your business objectives and offer a customized pricing estimate that aligns with your needs.

How Does The Custom CRM Work?

Our bespoke CRM system streamlines and automates your customer relationship operations. It enables you to oversee and record client interactions, automate email strategies, observe sales progressions, and obtain crucial data via sophisticated analytics and reporting. The CRM system flawlessly merges with our AI bots for a comprehensive approach to customer engagement.

Tell Me How Lead Generation and Qualifying work.

The messaging bots are engineered to streamline lead generation and the qualification procedures by asking and answering pertinent questions, collecting data, and assessing if the leads are qualified and ready for further interaction. This efficiency saves your valuable time and resources by qualifying prospects.

What Channels Does The Messaging Bot Support?

Our chatbot is compatible with numerous communication platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack and more to come. It creates smooth dialogues across these varied channels to ensure your customers are connected and engaged irrespective of their location.

Can The AI Bot Handle Images and videos?

Of course! It can process multimedia content, enabling you to distribute pictures, videos, and other visual materials to your viewers. This feature boosts the interactivity and engagement of your chats.

Can The Messaging Bot Integrate With Existing Systems & Tools?

Certainly! Our chatbot can easily meld with your current systems and tools, including CRM platforms, email marketing programs, and customer service systems. This integration facilitates a steady data transfer and boosts your overall business processes. However, if you use our CRM with our custom made bots you will get amazing results too.

How Much Customization Can These Bots Do?

Our AI bots provide extensive customization options to match your brand image and customer service objectives. It allows you to modify the dialogue style, aesthetic design, and all the features to craft a distinctive bot that embodies your business principles. This isn't a cookie-cutter solution. It is fine tuned to get your business more leads, better customer service without your intervention.

Will My Visitors Know They Are Not Chatting With Me?

Not likely, but we recommend you state that it is a bot. People will start to interact with it as a human once they get familiar with your bot. Every day more refinements are made by Microsoft, Google and OpenAI, and technology is getting so good at mimicking humans it is becoming extremely difficult to distinguish between AI and humans

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