AI Solutions

Scotia Bots creates AI Automations to make your business sing.

Automate your lead generation and capture important information about your customers.

Chatbots to answer customers' questions immediately.

Generate reports about customer sentiment.

Automate your Facebook advertising.

Sentiment Analysis Email Automation.

AI Solutions For Your Business

Innovate | Automate | Elevate

Annihilate Your Competition

AI Automated Marketing

We craft attention grabbing automated marketing funnels to draw in leads from advertising and/or social media.

Once in your funnel, leads are nurtured with emails, SMS, Messenger, voicemail.

Automatically gather information on your organic and PPC leads.

AI will gather Sentiment Analysis so we can laser customize your marketing.

Increase your conversion rates

Automated Lead Generation

Once your chatbot is trained on your unique business, it will be able to answer questions and gather information from your potential leads and it will nudge them towards booking an appointment.

Automated follow up emails and/or SMS messages decrease appointment no-shows.

We train your chatbot to handle sales with your unique style so when you speak to your leads they will feel like they know, like and trust you already.

AI Customer Support

AI powered communication improves customer satisfaction and provide proactive support immediately right when your customers need it.

Your new customer service chatbot will be trained on your business and will answer all your customer's questions.

These aren't the typically annoying bots your competition has. We train your chatbots on your tone of voice, not like some robot regurgitating canned responses.